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What Type Of Mum Are You?

By Tiffany Lytle 17 March 2020 1128 Views No comments

With Mother's Day fast approaching - we have identified 4 different mum types. This post is simply humorous and we are interested to see which one you relate to most. Of course no type is better than another, each mother has the most challenging yet rewarding job in the world. We don't give them enough credit - this Sunday is to you mum!

New Mum

Say hello to sleepless nights for the foreseeable future! Whether you have read all the baby books your friends have suggested or watched YouTube videos to better learn what to expect...when expecting and after - being a first time mum can be daunting. It is important to make time for yourself in these crazy times. Make those coffee plans with your friends even if it is a quick catch up. We recommend the Jude Leather Briefcase in Vintage Black. This bag is the perfect size to take the essential items needed with a newborn. The bag also has two handy pockets on the front that can fit smaller items ie, phone and purse.

Home Mum

This mum is the queen of multitasking, she is looking after the family and the household everyday, all day. That is no easy task. This mum knows exactly where everything is at all times. Everything is structured and well put together. From the crack of dawn to the night this mum is go go go. This mum needs a structured bag, something easy for when she needs to run out of the house, pick up the kids and do errands. We have picked the Riley White Leather Crossbody Bag as it is big enough to fit the things you really need.

Cool Mum

Okay so I instantly think of Mean Girls and that infamous line 'I'm not a regular mum, I'm a cool mum.' This mum knows all the latest trends and lingo. She is just effortlessly cool... to us. To her kids she is 'sooo embarassing.' To keep up with the latest trend we suggest the Sofia Crossbody in Aubergine. Purple is very much in right now and we are here for it.

Career Mum

Girl tell us your secret please. Your life does not end after you have kids - life can still continue and blossom. It is not a battle of choosing between your kids and career. Do what is best for you. This mum needs a versatile bag for everyday use, from the home to the office. We suggest the Charlotte 12.5 Oxblood Patent Leather Satchel. This bag is the one, from the classic colour to design. This bag is very much office chic.

We hope that you have enjoyed this blog!

Each mum is a superwoman, we love and appreciate you all <3

We hope you have a great Mothers Day

Gweniss HQ x