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A Bag For Every Occasion

A Bag For Every Occasion
By Tiffany Lytle 21 January 2020 1905 Views No comments

So.. it's January - You've bought that new diary, empty and clear ready for some exciting events. You know that it will soon fill up with plans for drinks with the gals, weddings, birthdays and maybe...just maybe a date with that cute barista... we can always dream right?

Here at Gweniss HQ we know that handbags complete an outfit and truly believe we have a bag for each occasion. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Job Interview

So after a while of searching, you have bagged yourself an interview for your dream job! This is a big moment for you. You need to take along a notebook, phone and some paperwork. We recommend the Freya Mini Satchel. It has a smart, structured look but is just the right size to carry a few items. We would recommend the Jude Briefcase if you are needing to take along a laptop or bigger items.

2. Gals Night

One of the most exciting nights planned - Gals night. You get dressed up, hit the town for some food and drinks... maybe just drinks? The Sofia Crossbody is perfect! We lovvee the pastel pink colour and think it could go with so many different outfits. We also have a 'bright pink' if you are feeling bold!

3. Date Night

Woooo so you got that date arranged! We already know you have messaged the gals asking for outfit advice but we have the perfect bag. Try the Esme Crossbody in White. This is a gorgeous, structured, white crisp bag. Big enough to fit the items that matter. This bag completes an outfit and has been much loved across our social media and with our Gweniss Babes.

4. Celebratory Party

Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings. We know your calendar will be filled with different parties. You need a bag that can do it all! We recommend Avery Saddle Bag in Black. Yes its a black bag but do not underestimate the power of a classic black bag. This is a great size for taking along the small items like a phone, brush, purse, lipstick. All of our bags are made from genuine leather and will soften over time. Each of our bags are also made to last.

We hope this guide has helped!

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